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Like a Country Song

Roll Like a Banjo



Aces Wyld brings together three exemplary, well-schooled musicians and songwriters who all possess a natural penchant for entertaining. Steve Andrew (lead vocals, keyboard, rhythm guitar), Brett Browatzke (lead guitar) and traditional multi-instrumentalist Sam Derbawka each bring a unique and diverse repertoire of musical influences to the table, creating an overall sound that is truly cutting-edge country, with a respectful nod to the genre’s vast traditions.

This is a band comprised of music fans, first and foremost, who share their love for engaging, raucous and authentically effervescent country music. The talented triplet’s most recent single, Like a Country Song, highlights Aces Wyld’s ability to craft songs that go beyond genre; songs that are accessible to anyone who loves music that evokes good times, good memories and good friends.

The upcoming album was produced by industry veteran Bart McKay, who has recently worked with Canadian country sensation Brett Kissel on some of his biggest hits.

“It’s very upbeat, very diverse, with a solid country foundation, but it has an original aura to it. When you hear the songs we’re working on, it’s unlike anything else you would be hearing, and I think that’s because each one of us comes from such different musical backgrounds,” Andrew said.

“I think what we’re doing is very progressive. A lot of genres evolve and reform over time and I think that happens with country music too. So we feel what we’re doing is on the edge of something that is new sounding for county music. It’s a mix of the traditional, with the New Country sound and some Alt-Country, but it still sounds like something fresh,” added Derbawka.

“We make a real effort to engage the crowd and make a connection with them. It’s something we’ve been complemented on by audiences, booking agents and some pretty important people on the country music scene here in Saskatchewan. Listen, we’re basically small town guys who love what we do, love making music and love entertaining people who want to have a good time” said Browatzke.


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